The Foundation supports UK registered charities working specifically within the Liverpool City Region in the areas of Welfare, Youth, Community, Arts, Education and Health.

The Foundation has an open application process, you do not need to know anyone or be ‘invited’ to apply – as long as you are not currently in receipt of a grant from us nor have applied to us within the last year, you are eligible to apply if you are one of the following;

  • UK registered charities working in the Liverpool City Region
  • Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO’s)
  • Educational establishments (including schools and universities)
  • Churches
  • Housing Associations
  • Museums and Galleries.

What we fund?

The Foundation awards grants for both capital and activity expenditure, but there are some things we do not provide funding for.

What we do not fund

We are not able to support:

  • Individuals;
  • Social enterprises without UK Charity Commission registration;
  • Sporting associations that are not registered charities;
  • Work that does not deliver a direct benefit within the Liverpool City Region, even if the organisation is a registered charity within the UK;
  • Animal welfare charities;
  • Charities that spend the majority of their income outside the UK; and
  • Local authorities and councils.

Organisations with liquid reserves (net current assets plus investments) covering more than 12 months’ expenditure are unlikely to receive a grant unless they can make an exceptionally convincing case that they are in financial need.

The application process

There are no specific deadlines for applications and our trustees hold regular meetings throughout the year. To keep things simple, we have a one-stage process which typically takes around four months from submitting your application to receiving a decision. Reading our guidelines thoroughly and including all the information we request will ensure that the process is as speedy as possible for you. As part of getting to know you, during the process you will be visited by representatives of the Foundation.

The Johnson Foundation Application Form

The Johnson Foundation Charter

How to send the form to us

Please send us your application form by email to  We will send you an acknowledgement email to confirm that we have received your application.

We reserve the right to ask organisations any questions to help us during the selection process and to ask organisations to revise their proposal before a final decision is taken.

You only need to send us extra information if we specifically ask you to.